Wednesday, 18 May 2011

my exhibition

Me with my exhibition. I have worked with lots of different materials.

I made this out of cardboard, me and BIll glued it and painted it silver. It's based on sculpture by Naum Gabo.

This is a bird I worked on it at Barnwell School. It's made of art rock. I started to make the shape of the birds head out of chicken wire and covered it in art rock. The I painted it and made it stand out with other nice colours.

I did this at Barnwell too. It is a portrait made out of cardboard. I did the cutting and Mr Ledster helped with the sticking.

I sketched both of these before I painted one and did the other in pastel. I used different lights and darks in the picture so that the person on the left stands out from the background as if he is on a ship with the waves behind. For the pastel picture I used darks in the background usign blue and brown and black so that the face stands out. Afterwards I used light colours to make the face come out of the picture.

These are pen and ink drawings. The one in the middle is a copy of a Picasso. The one on the left is a self-portrait. The one on the right is Tiffany in profile.

The pucture in the middle is a copy of a Gauguin painting in paint. It was really hard to get it right because there was so much detail in the original. The other two are done in pastel. I made them in the National Portrait Gallery.

These are drawings of actors from Highschool Musical and the Fast and the Furious. Zak Efron, Coldon Bleu, and Paul Walker.

This is a self-portrait from a mirror.

I mage a portrait of myself out of clay. And learned how to make the face look like the real thing.

This is a tablet I used to practice carving  for my final piece. I was also learnign how to mix different colours. I had my sketchbook to help me.

This is my top final piece. I wasn't allowed to talk in the exam. I drew it out, carved it and after I was goign to colour it. but changed my mind and covered the whole thing in black and grey.  The little pictures were hard to carve but I took my time and I'm really pleased with it.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ancient Egypt

Were are working on Ancient Egypt. I've done loads of sketches from books about Ancient Egypt. I've drawn Kings, animals, Mummies, statues, and Hieroglyphics. This is work for my final exam. The starting point is Family Tree, so I thought about goign back in time. I like Ancient Egypt because its old and I like the Kings, Mummies and animals. How they have been made and seeing them in the museum. It's amazing that it was all done such a long time ago.

This is the God Anubis in paint

The desert and the Pyramids. The King is buried in the big tall one!

This is a Mummy I took a couple of hours to draw the original at the British Museum. It was in a glass case.I'm very pleased with it. I took my time and put a lot of detail in so it was liek the original.

I have copied a nice tablet and Bill showed me how to use shading to make it stand out well.

This is the front entrance to the British Museum that we went to on a trip. We went in and did loads of drawings of ancient egytian artifacts and we talked a lot about them too.

There were loads of tablets that we saw. The best one that I liked had paint and colours.

This is the Mummy that I drew. it has the real Mummy inside from 3000 years ago!

This is the biggest statue ever! It's one of the Kings. it was near the middle of the museum.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Charcoal Statue

This is a charcoal drawing. First I saw a sculpture in the Tate Modern called Large Tragic Head by Jean Fautrier. I did a pencil drawing of it. The I came back and drew the shape of the head big using charcoal. I did 4 drawings trying to develop the design. This is the third.

Colden Bleu

I have drawn an actor from Highschool Musical in felt tip. I like the way I did the hair!

Alex on a Ship

This is a picture of my friend Alex. I used acrylic paint. I started by mixing the cream colour for the face and neck. The colour is lighter where the sun is reflected in his face. I used different shades. Then I did the hair and outline in greyish black. I made that with blue, red and yellow. The background is like the ocean. I looked at a painting by Picasso called Self-Portrait, 1907. I like the lines that make the face stand out of the background.

A Drawing of a man standing near the city on a building.

  • This man is the King of the city That's why he is on top of the tallest building. I did this drawing in pencil and used shading. It's based on a photograph I saw at the National Portrait Gallery.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nick's model head

"I have started working in clay. I started with a ball of clay, then I worked on the nose, eyes and mouth. I smothed it down and made the features stand out. I've done some clay work before but not for a long time. I love messing with clay and makign my own shapes. I really enjoyed making this."